With over 10 years experience of filming and recording at countless studios and venues across London I am able to recommend a wide variety of locations and settings to suit your project or event


Conceptualize your content with a setting of your choosing or contact me to discuss your ideas


(Exc. location hire)



*4 Hour session – These sessions are suited to acoustic performers without full drum kit.




*5 hour session – Typically suited to four or more piece band


All fees include:

  • 4/5 hour  filming session

  • Industry standard lighting, multi angle film and sound equipment

  • Use of back line amplifiers and drum kit at selected studios/venues

  • Fully edited HD live music video filmed at a location of your choice

  • Separate Audio master

  • Bespoke credits and titling (your email / logo / website etc.)



*Please allow additional 2hr + to location hire time for set up/exit

** Fees include 1 fully edited video, additional videos charged at £100 per video

( it is achievable to film up to three well rehearsed videos within a session )


Capture the magic of your live performance with a cinematic feel




5 x Angle (4 static plus 1 roaming) + 1hr raw footage (each angle) transfer only = £300

5 x Angle (4 static plus 1 roaming) + 1hr raw footage (each angle) transfer + 6 channel audio (unmixed) = £350

5 x Angle (4 static plus 1 roaming) + 1hr raw footage (each angle) transfer + 16 channel audio (unmixed) = £400

Video/audio editing = £50 per Video (inc. audio mix/master) per Track / *Showreel = *Approx 3mins of selected segments

Please contact me for more information and to discuss details specific to your event.


Expand your event audience and/or stream live from your favorite location with multi angle HD video and 16 channels mixable audio, streams can be broadcast from pretty much any location or event to multiple online streaming/social media platforms and all content (including separate audio stems and individual camera data) can be recorded for post production/more detailed editing and mastering etc.

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