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Some examples of my recent Live Studio Sessions, Narrative, Events and Location footage


I’m a freelance camera operator, editor and colourist, I also enjoy collaborating with artists, studios, labels, agencies and production companies. I'm easy to gel with, reliable and committed to meeting deadlines.

I’m London based, specialise in live music video sessions and have a range of adaptable film, light and sound rigs that have been configured with high quality, discreet placement and fast set up times as their primary consideration.

As well as professionally filmed and edited music videos, showreels and promotional content I am also able to offer live multi angle broadcast and streaming services for events, live sessions and interviews etc.

My Current AV equipment spec includes:

4 x BlackMagic 4K cinema production cameras
4 x 12mm Hyperprime 1:6 + various MFT lenses
BlackMagic ATEM live production switcher
DJI Ronin Gimbal / Stabiliser
Selection of Manfrotto clamps/stands/tripods
Selection of 5-10” Field monitors

16 channel portable audio interface/recording device
Soundcraft fx16ii Mixing console
16 channel 10m XLR Multicore
Selection of AKG,Neumann,Shure Dynamic &
Condenser Microphones
2 x AER Compact 60 amplifiers/monitors

4 x 500w LED lights with Filter selection, temperature and brightness control
3 x 480w LED lights Bi-colour with Filter selection, temperature and brightness control
Selection of Stands and spigot clamps


Whether you need an extra operator to join your crew, or require me to manage a shoot on my own, I have the skills and expertise to get the job done.

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